DRE services are of value to operators who want to introduce new service, increase service or change present service. Service agreements should be a reflection of the proven net cost for the proposed operation. Consideration must include the true benefit of the contribution and improvement to the infrastructure. The value of the improvement in yield for the owner must be a factor in cost calculations.

Flow-through cost elements should include components that are proven best practices and should not include inefficiencies that are optional. Innovation and sound cost management will produce results and this must be a key performance indicator that is the basis of a sound and proper rate structure.

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  • Cost structure assessment
    1. Carrier elements
    2. Operator elements

  • Capacity assessments

  • Impact analysis for changes in volume or schedule

  • Assessment of infrastructure requirements

  • Assessment of equipment options and improvements

  • Carrier benefit
    1. Value assessment
    2. Payment structure

  • Crewing and staff utilization

  • Dedicated line, shared line
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