DRE can provide expert advice and knowledge to assist in the process when dealing with railway related items so that each party is well informed and can produce sound decisions.
  • Advocacy related to railways
    1. Public-private partnership (P3) arrangements
    2. Employment levels and economic benefit
    3. Fuel tax and property tax
    4. Safety related matters
    5. Government contribution to railways
    6. Government spin-off benefits to railways
    7. Government supported infrastructure
    8. Crossings and grade separations (over/underpasses)
    9. Hours of operation
    10. Land use issues
    11. Fences
    12. Public safety and protection

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  • Industrial development
    1. Reload centers
    2. Intermodal terminals
    3. Rail yards
    4. New rail lines
    5. Rail related maintenance facilities

  • Nuisance and irritants
    1. Noise issues
    2. Night-time operation
    3. Switching and shunting
    4. Coal dusting
    5. Vibration
    6. Whistling
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