DRE services add value by improving rail operations through the introduction of best-practice cost management techniques, process change and the application of technology to produce immediate quantifiable benefit.
  • Business planning and strategic planning
    1. Merger and acquisition; due diligence
    2. Forecasting, yield management
    3. Stakeholder consultation

  • Operating practices
    1. Safety Management Systems
    2. Work procedures
    3. Safety audits and inspections
    4. Efficiency or proficiency testing
    5. Mountain grade procedures

  • Strategic, tactical and operation service planning
    1. Integrated operating plans
    2. Locomotive and car planning
    3. Staff planning
    4. Preventative maintenance planning
    5. Infrastructure planning

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  • Capacity assessments
    1. Yard, terminal, line, ports and interchanges
    2. In-plant

  • Train accident cause finding
    1. Track/train dynamics
    2. Track and equipment condition
    3. Train handling practices
    4. Human factor elements, circadian rhythm

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  • Labour relations
    1. Collective bargaining, interpretation and intent
    2. Arbitration process
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