DRE can provide, implement and embed best-in-class supply chain solutions that deliver directly to your business objectives. These services are of interest to shippers who want to improve their negotiating position.

As a shipper seeking supply chain improvement you will be able to get a reality check on what a carrier is offering and at what price; and what is not being offered and what price that should be. You will strengthen your team by adding rail network operations management and commercial development competencies.

  • Carrier negotiations regarding
    1. Rates and pricing elements
    2. Level of service
    3. Ancillary charges
    4. Equipment: type, capacity, condition
    5. Routing, interchange and inter-switching

  • Initiatives to improve cycles and reduce system costs

  • Business case and commercial development

  • Car fleet management

  • In-plant switching

  • Lading damage claims
    1. Incident investigation
    2. Determining poor practices or negligence

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  • Regulatory and Litigation
    1. Positions papers
    2. Expert opinion, testimony
    3. Commercial arbitration
    4. Canadian Transportation Agency complaints
    5. Competition Bureau complaints
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